Media Expression Unit 2-Audience Overview

We first looked at some popular television shows such as Sky sports, BT sports, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC One, TG4, TV3, RTE One and Sky news. We also looked at some popular radio stations like FM 104, Spin 103, RTE Radio 1, 2FM and Phoenix FM. We found out that 83% of Irish adults listen to radio each day. We also found out that 98.5% of people watch television in Ireland. We looked at the top five programmes RTE One which was Mrs Brown’s boys:Mammy’s Window’s Memories, Mrs Brown’s boys:Mammy’s Christmas Punch, Mrs Brown’s boys D’movie, RTE News:Six one and RTE Investigates. We also looked at the top five programmes on RTE Two which were Father Ted Christmas Special, Champions League Live, Man of steel, The Dark Knight Rises and Euro 2016 Live Draw.  We also learned the watershed means after 9:00pm the television can show explicit content and violence unsuitable for children. We learned that Prime time means the audience is highest between 6:00pm-10:00pm.

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