Media Expression Unit 4

In this unit we learned about practical research. We first had to prepare a shooting schedule. After that we read a sample script extract. We then had to create a two page storyboard based on the extract provided. Next we learned how to prepare a new running order for a radio show.After that we read a call sheet sample. We then learned about call sheet abbreviations such as A.D.-Assistant Director, Cast number-each character is assigned a unique number for scheduling, D (number)-Script day. D/N-Day/Night, EXT-Exterior, H/M/W-Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe (time for actor to be in hair/makeup/wardrobe), INT-Interior, ON SET-Time for actor to be ready on set, P/UP-Pick up (time for transport to pick up actor), PG-Number of script pages (counted in 1/8ths of a page), Sc-Scene number, SE-Special extra.

I got the image


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