Media Production Job Titles

Grip-A style of duct tape. It is mostly known as cloth tape or gaffer tape.                                     Focus Puller-It is when you refocus the lens to change the person or object of attention   Property Master-He controls all aspects of property departments.                                               Buyers-They purchase supplies and props that the film or show will need.                                 Floor Manager-He is in charge of supervising the other shop assistants.                                     Runners-They work where ever they are needed around the set.                                                     Continuity Person-His job is to make the scenes make sense and that everything in the scene is put in the right place.                                                                                                                       First Assistant Director-A first assistant director is responsible for the preparation of the shooting schedule and the breakdown of the script used to plan the shooting of a film.         Second Assistant Director-There job is to prepare and draw up the next days call sheet and ensure that everyone knows that call time.                                                                  Wardrobe Supervisor-A wardrobe supervisor is is responsible for supervising all wardrobe related activities.


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