Workplace Safety – PPE


Head protection: Helmet used to protect your head from falling objects.Ear Protection.jpg

Ear protection: Ear muffs used for protecting your ears from loud noises.

Weather Proof

Weather proof clothing: Jacket used for protecting yourself from bad weather.


Safety harness: A full body harness used for climbing tall objects.


Eye/face protection: A face shield used for protecting your eyes and face.

Foot Protection.gif

Foot Protection: Boots used for protecting your feet.

Respiratory Protection.jpg

Respiratory protection: A respirator used for protecting your respiratory system.


Body/hand/arm protection: A chest and arm protector suit used for protecting yourself from big objects.

Reflective Clothing.jpg

Reflective clothing: Used for cars to see you at night when its too dark.


Safety ropes: A safety rope used to stop yourself if your falling from a high height.


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