Safe Working Enviroment

I run a company called Stereo Makers. Our company is based in Dublin and what we do is make stereos. Our company has been running for five years so far. As the manager of my company it is my responsibility to make sure that my workplace and my staff are safe from any sort of dangers. In each room there are two fire extinguishers one thats co2 and one thats foam. We also have a fire blanket in every room. We have wet floors signs placed where someone has just cleaned to prevent people from slipping on the floor. We have fire drills every 3 months just to check that the fire alarm still works. We have two fire exits one and the side and one at the back of the building. We have a sprinkler in each room to prevent a fire from spreading. We have fire doors that automatically close when a fire is happening. We have no smoking and no food and drink signs where we make the stereos to make sure nothing happens to the stereos we make. We where gloves and eye protection when making the stereos so nothing bad can happen to anybody while we are making them. We have fire alarms in every room so if a fire happens the alarm we make a noise and everybody will know to evacuate the building. We housekeep every single room making sure theres no rubbish or paper in the room.

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