Graphic Design Learning Outcome 1

In this module we learned about the processes involved in graphic design. Graphic design is the art of combining text and pictures in advertisements,books or magazines.

The processes involved in graphic design:

  1. Brief: This is either a formal or informal meeting between the client and the graphic designer. The designer has to solve a communication problem for the client. This may be for developing a logo or designing a movie poster.
  2. Research: In this process the graphic designer conducts research to gather information. Examples of this would be researching the company and finding out their values, Researching similar solutions, Researching the media and materials.
  3. Brainstorming: This is where the designer looks at creative solutions to the communication problem. The designer would use mindmaps and moodboards.
  4. Thumbnails: This is where the designer makes small sketches to investigate whether their ideas work. This process is also known as drafting.
  5. Development of Ideas: This process is when the designer selects the best thumbnails and develops them further to create mock-ups.They can be edited digitally and be given context.
  6. Client Presentation: The designer then presents their ideas to the client and they discuss the artwork which is based on the initial brief that was given. If the artwork solves the communication problem, the client signs off on it and the artwork is prepared for print. If it does not solve the problem the designer is given feedback from the client and amendments are made.
  7. Preparation of Finished Artwork: When the client has approved the artwork the designer prepares to hand the project over to the printer. They have to make sure the artwork matches up with the printer’s specifications and that the artwork is error free. Then a hard copy is provided by the designer for the printer check against

Image from Ian Suarez


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