Graphic Design Learning Outcome 3

In this outcome we learned about the positive and negatives attributes of graphic design. We learned that some logos have hidden signs in their logos like arrows and certain shapes. We also had to answer questions about some of the logos. We learned about how and why a logo looks good and how important it is to a company. We also took a look at the most expensive logos.

These are some of my favourite examples of graphic design:

The Breaking Bad poster

breaking bad.jpeg

This is the poster for breaking bad and is also used for the intro. It makes a good use of colour and shows the Br and Ba as they look in the periodic table. They are showed like chemicals because the series involves making drugs.

The Dark Knight poster

the dark knight.jpg

The Dark Knight poster nicely uses great colour and texture making it easily noticeable. It also really makes the title stand out.

The Iron Man poster

iron man.jpg

The movie poster for Iron Man shows us nice colours making the title and the characters really stand out. It does a great job at showing the main characters and the iron man costume.



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