What could happen in 20 years from now


People will get tired of the constant marvel movies

Right now marvel studios is one of the most successful movie studios. But I bet in the next 20 years people will get completely sick of these movies. Right now there are very few people who are really starting to hate the repetitive story’s they constantly show. Right now there are few but in the future I bet that in the future the number will rise.marvel is old.jpg

Sea levels will rise

Due to increasing pollution on our earth the melting of the polar ice caps will cause sea levels to rise. While many people are trying to bring the levels down the number of pollution is still increasing and is showing no signs of stopping.they are melting.jpg

Robot limbs will be available to everyone

Right now robot arms and legs are getting more and more advanced and while very few have been lucky enough to use them I bet in 20 years they will be available for everyone to buy.

robot arm.jpgRobots might be able to do peoples jobs

In the last 20 years robotics have massively increased with technology. Due to this some jobs like taxi drivers and even building may be done instead by robots. While this may be an incredible leap in technology if it happens it will most likely lead to protests against robotics taking peoples jobs.look at the wall.jpg

Robots will be used for war

If robots will be used for jobs in the future there will be no doubt that robots will be used for war. Robots can take more bullets and aim better then people. In the next 20 years they could be used for warfare.that war robot.jpg


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