Digital Media and how its used for personal entertainment

Digital media technology is now mainly used for entertainment. There are many things you can do that wouldn’t be possible before the 2000s.

One of the ways people find entertainment is going on a social site (Facebook or Snapchat) and they text, send emails and pictures. Thats how people mainly have fun on it. They are also advantages. Say you wan to set a music collection. Back then you would have to go to a music store and spend 20 minutes looking for the records you want. After you find them you buy them and you go home and set up some space to put records in. Nowadays you get an Ipod and search and download your music almost instantly.

Another example would be cameras and digital cameras. Cameras in the old days you take the picture, it would show black, you take to a darkroom workshop where you put it in some water and wait until the picture shows. Now you take the picture and it shows up instantly on the screen. This allows people to have more fun taking countless photos and sharing them with their friends.

Shopping would also have an advantage in digital media technology. You used to have to drive all the way to the shops then you look for the products you want to buy. Now you just have to look up a shopping website and the things you want instantly. While this may be useful and sometimes even fun it can lead to some people being lazy.

One big advantage would be research. Some people find researching certain topics to be fun and interesting. Before the internet if you wanted to find out about something you would have to go to the library and look at different books that have information on the topic you want to learn. This could take countless hours just to research just one topic. With the internet today all you have to do is type in exactly what you want to know and thousands of links pop up for you to look at. While this does make research more fun it can sometimes lead to false information about what you’re learning.

 Image from Technology Association of Georgia


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