Learning Outcome 2 – Digital Media Technology in organisations

In this learning outcome we learned how Digital Media Technology has given us many new ways for business to communicate. One of these ways is that communication is much faster. Its faster now that we have things like email. It also allows people to collaborate on projects when they’re in different countries. They can also interview potential new staff.

E-commerce: A site that allows you buy things online. These sites are useful if you are unable to go outside so you can get everything you need by just using the internet. For example http://www.amazon.com helps you buy a number of things online. http://www.ebay.com which allows to buy things from other people.

E-goverment: A site that provides information for citizens. They can also be used to improve the activities of public sector organisations. These are sites like http://www.askaboutmoney.com offers independent financial advice about Irish financial issues. Another one is http://www.revenue.com is responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes and duties in the republic of Ireland.

E-learning: A site that helps you learn different things. Useful for people who want to be home schooled. These are sites like http://www.mathsisfun.com that helps you learn the subject maths. Another one is http://www.duolingo.com which helps you learn a number of languages.

Here are 5 keywords I thought were important in this learning module.

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of words and  I thought it was a really important word involved with this module.

Technology is skill and technique of building products and goods. A word that was used well in this outcome.

Business is a persons regular occupation. A important word used.

Email is how people send letters online.

Projects are a completion of a task that involves planning, Teamwork and having a date of when it will be finished.

Image from SHuSHI168.com


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