Learning Outcome 10 – Digital Media

In this section we learned some of the main acts in the Irish Constitution. This relates to how digital media is governed. The four we learned about are called Copyright and Related Rights Act (2000, 2004), Data Protection Act (1988, 2003), Defamation Act (2009) and Consumer Protection Act (2007). This is what we learned about all four.                           look at this.jpgthis is it now.jpg Image from karatsites.com                    Image from The One Minute Presenter

Copyright and Related Rights Act (2000, 2004): This act is enforced by governments to protect the authors of original work. This mainly applies to books, films and music.It ensures that whoever created the song or book in the first place gets paid every time its used or sold.

Data Protection Act (1988, 2003): At some time you may have to give your personal details to an organisation. Its their job to keep these details safe. This is known as data protection. They must also make sure that the information is factually correct. They will also keep it up to date and give you a copy of it when you ask for it.

Consumer Protection Act (2007): When you shop online you actually have more rights than normal shopping. For example an item will take a while to ship out to you so if the product is faulty it will take a while to return the item. If an item is not as it was shown you can get a full refund.

Defamation Act (2009): The word defamation is when somebody publishes untrue remarks about someone that could possibly damage their reputation. This act makes everyone entitled to a certain amount of privacy.


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