Media Expression Unit 5

A video of different camera shots. In this unit we first learned how to set up a camera with a tripod. We also learned how to record audio. What we did was load the audio recorder with batteries and an SD card. We then turned the microphone on and attached a wind sock and boom […]

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Media Expression Unit 4

In this unit we learned about practical research. We first had to prepare a shooting schedule. After that we read a sample script extract. We then had to create a two page storyboard based on the extract provided. Next we learned how to prepare a new running order for a radio show.After that we read […]

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Media Expression Unit 6 – Health, Safety, Welfare and Personal Hygiene

In this unit we learned about health, safety, welfare, and personal hygiene.We first learned about the risks in media production which were planes/helicopters, attacked by animals, drown in water, working at height, stunts, mosquitoes, diseases, warzone, captured, shot, explosions and fire. After that we learned about hazards which were water, sun, natural disasters, height, weather, […]

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Media Expression Unit 1

What we looked at first was Television Production Formats such as series, films, comedy, action, documentary, the weather, news, drama and thriller.Next we looked at International Formats like Grand designs, The voice, Big brother, X-factor, Dragons den, Total wipeout and Top Gear.We then looked at some television shows which were Father Brown, Nuacht TG4, The […]

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